This section is a reward for people who visit my site and take an interest in my writing. I intend for it to contain a collection of short stories that help season my main body of work, and provide just that little bit of extra background that may help astute readers better understand, and possibly predict, my more nebulous cast of characters. Everything here is intended to be canon, so don’t fret about whether or not a certain story is meaningful if you happen to see any character names you recognize. Naturally, this area of the site will grow slowly, and some stories may be removed if they find a place in anthologies or collections. However, there will always be something to enjoy, so pull up a chair, pour yourself some hot cocoa, and dive right in to a small collection of secret stories that may just reveal something you never thought you didn’t know.

Tibbold E. Riley

Tibbold is a recurring character in many of my works, as I tend to see him as the ultimate protagonist of my universe. Grim and forthright, he doesn’t mess around, and at times, his direct manner is misconstrued as rudeness. A jack-of-all-trades mercenary, and part time blacksmith, Tibbold often runs into problems when facing more specialized and better trained opponents; however, being a werewolf tends to level the playing field. He dislikes humans, hates ‘fakes’, and prefers to be alone as often as possible. It is rumored he does have a softer side, but if true, he doesn’t open up to just anybody.

The Princess and the Wolf