Congratulations Denver Broncos

Well, Super Bowl 50 is over, and I’m certain my relatives in Denver are throwing quite the party today. Congratulations also to Peyton Manning on a Super Bowl victory in what is likely to be his final season. Way to end it on a high note 🙂

Now, for those of you visiting this site, I have quite the treat for you today. A few weeks ago I got the go ahead to post a small piece of Tibbold’s origin story right here on this site. So, if you purchased The Dark Dozen and are curious about the protagonist of my story, A Tale of Two Queens and a Frozen Heart, then pop on over to Tibbold Sightings and get a taste of my writing style and of Tibbold’s past. Just so you know, the small story posted doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, but hopefully it will begin to peak your interest.