A quick update on a Sunday Afternoon

Hope everyone’s Christmas preparations are going well, my family will not celebrate a large Christmas this year as we believe the holiday is more about family and togetherness than any amount of gifts (Hasn’t stopped me from picking up some though)

For those who have purchased a copy of the “The Dark Dozen” I want to say thank you. Al Scarbourough certainly appreciates it and all of us authors do as well. For those still wishing to purchase the book, I will leave the Amazon link here: The Dark Dozen on Amazon. Currently, it is set at $4.99 for Kindle and $11.99 for paperback. Also, feel free to let me know if you like the story I wrote. I always appreciate feedback.

As for myself, I am hoping Elysium Press and I can enter the editing phase of my breakout novel shortly, until then though I will be working on another story, likely also featuring Tibbold. If you don’t know who that is feel free to click the link up at the top.

Updates to the site:

None yet, though I am well aware I need a better site name that also reflects the domain name, not to mention some pictures. Problem is there are a lot of “Foxs’ Dens” Foxs’ Retreats” and generally a great deal of “Foxs’ who possess any kind of dwelling whatsoever.” I want to stand out, but I also want to stay true to the roots of certain things. I will come up with something, I’m sure, until then feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion if you feel the urge 🙂


Allan B. Anderson

Altoine Scarborough and the Dark Dozen

As I go through and fix up this site while visiting family and prepping for the stressful holiday season now upon us, I realize I really need to get some pictures in here. That will have to come later however, as right now I would like to tell you about the effort to help save Altoine Scarborough.

Though I do not know Altoine Scarborough personally, he is a dear friend to many authors, including my publisher, Maer Wilson of Ellysian Press, and is need of serious heart surgery. Due to his astronomical co-pay of $120,000, which he cannot pay, I and eleven other authors have donated stories for the anthology The Dark Dozen, soon to be released in the hopes of raising enough money to save his life.


I have included a link below if you wish to find out more information and, perhaps, make a donation. Even if you are not in a charitable mood, The Dark Dozen contains many well written stories sure to make simply buying the book worthwhile, not to mention the added benefit of knowing you will have helped save a life. 🙂

Information on Altoine Scarborough: http://maerwilson.com/how-my-chihuahua-almost-killed-al/

For direct donations: Al’s GoFundMe Link