The Last Chronicle of Azureden: A Deal in the Darkness (Dec 2016)

When he wakes up as a fox, Renard Kendrick knows something has gone horribly wrong. Even though he’s lost his memory  knows little other than his name.

Not only is he imprisoned in a body he can barely control, but he’s held captive by the vixen, Adriana. Suspicious of her motives to keep him, when escape presents itself in the form of a bird named Jabbers, Renard takes it.

Determined to discover the mystery of his past, Renard takes refuge with a group of “manimals” – a village of carnivores. But Adriana’s dog soldiers are not far behind, and she is willing to go to war to retrieve her prize.

Renard must decide whether he will escape yet again or stand and fight with his new friends. Both choices are risky and Renard’s inexperience as a manimal is a liability either way.


The Dark Dozen

The Dark Dozen (2015)

A collection of twelve stories donated for the benefit of Altoine Scarborough with the hope of raising money for his much needed heart transplant. Many of the stories contain a darker twist, with ghosts, monsters and futures that are from bright. My own work, “A Tale of two Queen and a Frozen Heart, is one of the first stories I wrote featuring the dimensional traveller Tibbold E. Reily.


Spooky Halloween Drabbles Cover
Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014

A collection of 100 word Halloween themed stories of humor, horror, and everything in between. Halloween Drabbles is a compilation from a variety of different authors including myself. Published by Indie Author’s Press, if your in the mood for a quick fright, or a flash marathon of the many ways horror can be tackled, Spooky Halloween Drabbles is a must buy.


a forest of dreams
A Forest of Dreams (2014)

Published by Indie Authors Press and edited by Roy and Cynthia Booth, this anthology contains my short story “The Trouble with Dragons”, where a semi-corrupt mayor must deal with a zealous knight who has come to slay a dragon that recently moved into a nearby mine. The dragon, however, is the least of the mayor’s problems, as crazy preachers, sloppy drunks, and over zealous soldiers, cause far more damage to his town than a scaly fire breathing beast ever could.



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