LCoA Lore

Welcome to the Lore section. If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re curious about the world’s and characters in my works and want to know more about them. Currently, this place is a little empty, as it just opened up, but feel free to scroll to the area of your interest, or take a look at places you never knew I wrote about. If you’re curious about any particular place, but don’t see a link for it, leave a comment, or shoot me an email. Every place in my settings has a story, and the one’s that get told first may be the one’s people are most interested in.

Last Chronicle of Azurden

These are the main areas currently referenced in The Last Chronicle of Azurden story arc, but that doesn’t mean more can’t be added concerning small villages, certain buildings, religions, and anything else I feel like expanding on, or receive requests about. Feel free to browse any section currently open, and don’t forget to check back for new sections as they get added.





Dawn Keep

Free Haven