Welcome one and all to my official website! It’s taken a while to get started (had to look up HTML and figure out what WordPress would let me do and what it wouldn’t) but it’s finally here and finally ready for visitors.

Feel free to look around. Some pages aren’t finished yet, or have no content of which to link to. That’s okay though, they will get¬†there eventually.

Pages such as Artwork are for personal and fan based art (lofty I know) so if you read my work and want to do something creative feel free to send it to me. I’m not a harsh critic (unless you want me to be) but I do ask that work be tasteful and have a minimum level of quality (stick figures don’t cut it, sorry)

For information on my current books and W.I.P’s feel free to visit the Books¬†page. For a brief synopsis about me and my life feel free to visit the About page.

For those who are interested in my style of work and the feel of my writing but don’t yet want to make a purchase, I have created a set of works in The Wonderer section. Though most stories, blogs, or tidbits put up will feature a common main character, I may add some off the wall stuff from time to time I simply feel like posting. Feel free to peruse them at your leisure, but please ask if you wish to post them somewhere else.

Lastly, for those who wish to contact me directly, please use the Contact section. I’m usually pretty good about responding to people if you leave a message.