Ellysian Press and Upcoming Author Weeks

Okay, so that didn’t work. Character rebellions aside, I somehow knew it wouldn’t before I even started. This doesn’t mean I won’t update, or that I won’t update semi-regularly. It just means like I said before. I will update when there is something to say. Sometimes that will be the following day. Others it may be a month. Regardless, know that I am not abandoning my series or my writing. No matter how long it may seem I’m away. I am going to try (no promises) to update this more frequently, but when I don’t have anything to say, I… just don’t have anything to say.

But, as I’m here, that must mean things are going on, Right? Well, yes! A lot actually! However, it just so happens to have all started coming to a head at this very point. Hence the latest update to Another Fox’s Hideaway ūüôā

First Ellysian Press is now operating a You Tube Channel¬†for all readers, authors, and interested parties alike. It is done in open discussion format between the many talented authors of Ellysian Press, featuring topics such as writing/marketing strategies, world building, movie tie-ins, plotting, character development, and so much more from a variety of different perspectives and experiences. I highly encourage anyone interested in the world of books to take a look. You won’t regret it.

Next. Ellysian Press is also kicking off AUTHOR WEEKS. Where each author is featured prominently on the press’s Facebook group page The Ellysians¬†for one week. This week is yours truly! But I will be updating the site each week with the next author on the featured list. During these weeks, you will be able to ask the authors of your favorite Ellysian Books any question pertaining to their stories, writing, or general experiences, and they will be around to answer them for you. Be sure to take advantage, I know I will.

Third. Anyone who has been paying attention to Games Workshop and the tabletop gaming industry will know that they are releasing the eighth edition of 40K VERY soon. Though I still abhore Age of Sigmar, the new 40K looks like it’s a step in the right direction for the hobby. Guess time will tell in the end.

And last, but certainly not least. Work on The Last Chronicle of Azurden “The Journey Made Twice” (tentative title)¬†is in the works. Know that I will devote a lot of time to this to ensure the same standard of quality and pacing that I strive for in all of my works, and to ensure the complex world Renard exists in remains easy to understand. So far, it starts off with a roller coaster ride of an opening, so keep your eyes open for future updates on its progress.

Expect more frequent updates soon, as a lot is happening with Ellysian Press and The Last Chronicle of Azurden. As a final note. If you enjoy my books and stories, share this site, and Ellysian Press, with your friends. Having more people involved certainly helps when it comes to doing updates, and I am willing to answer questions about almost anything whether poster here, or on my FB feed. (It’s also a great way to formulate more topics in the future.)


What is Enavordin?

Late update today, but I’m determined to stay on schedule so here we go. As I said last time Archimede is better at this stuff than I am, so here he is to briefly discuss the second world in¬†The Last Chronicle of Azurden¬†series. Take it away.

“Is this really necessary? You know only a few people are even going to see this.”

Ha ha, Archimede, these get archived. Future readers will want-

“Oh yes, they’ll want to dig through long lists of old posts to see the¬†one you happened to write today. As a historian, I’ll tell you that’s incredibly unlikely.”

He’s just a little distracted everyone, he wants to get back to-

“Don’t tell them how I feel. This is a waste of my time and you know it! I have a million other things to do aside from coming out on your version of Free Haven’s Linked Network and updating your social page. Besides from what’s going on in this ‘Face Book’ I see your world is well on it’s way to following in the footsteps of ou-”

Anyway! I suppose I’ll take the reigns again and give a brief introduction to the continent of Enavordin and some of the places that inhabit it.

“Humph! Rude.”

First of all, unlike Azurden, Enavordin is a continent, not the world. This might cause some confusion for the first book as-

“That is terrible. Is that how you described Azurden?”

Well, yes, kinda. But-

“Oh move over. Enavordin is a large continent consisting of the lands of Loringlund, Atlia, Stratholme, and the two independent settlements of Dawnfire Keep and Brione. There are, other, smaller independent entities, but for the sake of the one who demanded I update this page for him, and my sanity, I cannot discuss them just yet.”

You know, I’m right here.

“As they read, one might realize that Enavordin is… more mature, than the smaller world of Azurden. It was discovered long after the events of Azurden came to an end, and as a result, carries with it more complex entities, such as a developed feudal system, established networks of trade, more natural geographic features, and, what I can assume to be a magic system based more in ancient traditions rather than the ‘point point pew pew’ nonsense I see all over Free Haven’s data vids.”

To be fair. There wasn’t much pew pew nonsense in Azurden either.

“Are you kidding? It was all over the place. Was rather fun too, until you decided to-”

Ha Ha, that was only because I didn’t understand how electronics and pyrotechnics worked yet. Azurden is actually very scientifi-

“You had a villain that could shoot fireballs. A giant bull with a magic axe. A dolphin that could control plants. And a fox from outer space that could make death rays and turn herself into a crystal statue.”

. . . No I didn’t.

“I wrote it all down. In fact, I used to have a partner. Do tell me what happened to-”

And will you look at that! Almost out of time. I’ll have to work some things out with Archimede as to Azurden’s history as it’s obvious he doesn’t quite remember how some things happened correctly.

“I’m not going to let you just leave them out you know. I’ll find a way to bring them back. As a historian it’s my duty to tell the whole story, and I am writing the books.”

*Feed Terminated*

“That won’t work. This wasn’t a video interview.”

So, What is Azurden?

It’s Monday! And according to my previous post, that means its time to start discussing some of the background behind my first series “The Last Chronicle of Azurden”.

So why Azurden in the first place? Why not call it “The First Chronicle of Enavordin”? as that’s the continent most of the story takes place. Well, first, Enavordin didn’t “start” when Renard got pulled into it by Adriana. It already had a rich history that Archimede was, at the time, unaware of. Second, it’s also because the series isn’t so much about the events transpiring on Enavordin as it is about how Azurden met the fate hinted at in the preface of Book One, A Deal in the Darkness, and how the two worlds of Azurden and Enavordin end up affecting each other. Finally, Azurden is the oldest of my many worlds, and as such it only seemed fitting it be one of the first ¬†I write about, even if it is from a “looking back” perspective.

To clarify what I mean, I must first point out that unlike some of my other works, this series isn’t something I came up with over a week of brainstorming, or a month of “wild ideas”. It is, in fact, a story that has been twenty six years in the making, and it has been in the making for so long because Azurden was the world of my childhood. It was an escape from the many pressures of adolescent life, a playground for my mind to throw together whatever it wanted, and a place where that pesky “logic” couldn’t pull things down. It had flying whales, a futuristic domed city, gardens that came to life, lands that floated over the ocean, magical gods, and its own fair share of talking animals. Perhaps this will make it quirky for some, thinking they are reading a child’s fantasy, but I did say it has been twenty six years, and a lot of nasty things can happen to a, supposedly, innocent place in that amount of time. In Azurden, the heroes didn’t always win, the villains weren’t always incompetent, and the cities and nations did not always get along. That’s right, even in my imagination, my mind forced me to face some harsh realities. Some would say its a coping mechanism, others would insist I was just abnormal. Whatever the case, as I grew older, Azurden became a darker and more intimidating world, until a time came, at about sixteen years old, I decided something needed to change.¬†What was that change? Well, that will have to be revealed at a far later time, as it has very much to do with the current story. I’m sure there will also be those that notice sixteen does not equate to twenty six. And I certainly wasn’t coming up with this stuff as an infant. That is where next week’s discussion will begin.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say at this point and time, as much of Azurden’s existence, and it’s fate, is left up for the book series to reveal. However, we are not done with this place. Far from it. As I highlight characters and places over the coming weeks and months, I will also discuss more of the world around them and reveal bits and pieces of the story that simply aren’t, or can’t, be covered in the scope of the books. I also think I will let Archimede handle the discussions, as he’s much better and more prolific with these things than I am. I’ll instead focus on the upcoming hobby corner discussion on Thursday, as I haven’t made up my mind yet as to where to start with that.


-Allan B. Anderson

P.S. watching the Atlanta Falcons choke in the final quarter of the Super Bowl is not a great way to start off the week.



Watch This Space

For a while, I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this blog. I can’t simply use it for book promotion. That’s what everyone else already does, generally to a low degrees of success. At the same time, I can’t leave it empty while waiting for the next big announcement to come along either. This has gotten me really thinking and I took a look around other blogs (not just authors) to figure out how I can use my own blog best.

First, the page needs more work. I keep saying this, but it remains true. Right now it’s nice and simple, but also a bit generic. The few people that actually visit are no doubt unimpressed and happy to move on to more flashy pages. I don’t blame them, I’m the same way. The problem with that is I lack the resources to make this page shine, or, I thought I did, until I remembered that I have a degree in graphics arts and, time permitting, can create my own artwork. On top of that I¬†already have artwork I can show off, some of which has taken me years to create. I am going to start posting it, as well as go into discussions about other things not related to Azureden or my books, which includes my modeling hobby. Don’t roll your eyes just yet. I’ve put a lot of work into this hobby and what’s come out of it has been nothing short of impressive for all but the most jaded of fellow hobbyists, and I will be happy to share it with you all. I will also discuss my current ‘place’ within the hobby as well as my past experiences and even some things about when I worked for one of the companies. I hope it will be enlightening. For now, if you are into modeling or miniature wargaming, feel free to friend me on FB as I always enjoy discussing it with other enthusiasts.

Second, I would like to “grow” the world of the Azurden series and my other works to help foster interest in the series as a whole, and the entirety of the lore it represents. Therefore I’m going to post things about my universe, where I got the inspiration, and why certain characters are who they are, hopefully with some artwork. In time I hope this encompasses a HUGE literary universe akin to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones, but only time will tell. Until then, I hope you at least enjoy the tidbits about my story and how such elements came to be. Also, in case you’re wondering, there will be no plot reveals, sorry.

Finally, in order for this all to work I will need to schedule how I update this blog. This is something I have been putting off as I don’t like to be tied down to social media outlets, but if it represents something I enjoy and can be involved with, then it shouldn’t be a problem to update at least once a week. Right now, I’m toying with the idea of doing Azurden and other works one day a week, while doing my hobbies and interests on another day of the week. Which days, I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking Monday and Thursday respectively. If this turns out to be too much, or if I’m eating through material too quickly, I may cut it back to Wednesday only, as was my original intention. Until then, expect this site to get some new things added once I can manage it. Also, you can expect announcements and shout outs to keep coming as normal, or I should say, as sporadically as they happen. (which I hope will be more often). Stay well everyone. Change is coming.


Allan B. Anderson

Author Interview by Michael R. Baker

For those wishing to know more about me and my writing process, an acquaintance of mine, Michael Baker, has recently returned from his vacation and has just posted an interview he conducted with me on his blog Thousandscarsblog. Feel free to head over and check it out. While there, also feel free to check out his own fictional works, other author interviews, and gaming related articles.

A long overdue update

*Blows dust off website*


Well… *cough*. Well here we are. The last time I updated this site, the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Not to say I’ve been idle in that time, just that there wasn’t a lot to talk about. ¬†“What do you mean?” I hear you ask. “Actors have died! Trump is president!” Well, yes, that is all true. However this site is about my writing and my writing career. I try to keep politics and news limited only to Facebook, and then only to my personal, more private account. That being said, there ARE a lot of writing things to talk about. So, let’s get started.

The first thing I’ll mention is I’m switching computers. No, not just buying a new one, I’m going from Windows to Apple. My old Lenovo IdeaPad wasn’t compatible with Windows 10, and when Microsoft forced the update down my throat, it essentially ruined it beyond sensible use. The automatic updates, which I couldn’t turn off, made things even worse, to the point I decided to step away from Microsoft altogether and get an Apple MacBook Pro for my next laptop. It lacks some of the things I like, such as a DVD player, but is backward compatible enough to use most of my old hardware. Needless to say, the switch has caused some compatibility issues with my publishers, but hopefully that will be fixed in short order.

Next,¬†The Dark Dozen‘s contract has been extended, so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, now’s your chance to buy a book, and save a life. It contains one of the first published works featuring my protagonist Tibbold E. Reily. I have planned for more short stories and even whole novels surrounding this character, so get a jump on your friends and be “in the know” about his exploits should he ever became a mainstream icon. Bragging rights are sometimes the best rights.

Finally,¬†The Last Chronicle of Azureden: A Deal in the Darkness¬†is slated for release next week! Though I’m excited, I’m not about to rest on my laurels of actually having a full novel out on the market. Work on book two is already underway, and given the exceptional treatment by Ellysian Press, I will do my best to make it something they will want to continue publishing. Maer Willson and Jen Ryan have done a phenomenal job on editing and proofing so that everything has come together in an excellent package. If you have the time, click on the link in my Links page and check out the publisher’s website. They have many excellent books sure to appease almost any narrative appetite. A photo of the cover and a brief blurb are already on my Books page, so if you want to see it, go there and check it out (along with my other works)

Remember to follow in order to stay posted for more news leading up to the final release. Print versions should be out one week after the e-versions hit the market.


Allan B. Anderson


Congratulations Denver Broncos

Well, Super Bowl 50 is over, and I’m certain my relatives in Denver are throwing quite the party today. Congratulations also to Peyton Manning on a Super Bowl victory in what is likely to be his final season. Way to end it on a high note ūüôā

Now, for those of you visiting this site, I have quite the treat for you today. A few weeks ago I got the go ahead to post a small piece of Tibbold’s origin story right here on this site. So, if you purchased The Dark Dozen and are curious about the protagonist of my story, A Tale of Two Queens and a Frozen Heart, then pop on over to Tibbold Sightings and get a taste of my writing style and of Tibbold’s past. Just so you know, the small story posted doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, but hopefully it will begin to peak your interest.

A quick update on a Sunday Afternoon

Hope everyone’s Christmas preparations are going well, my family will not celebrate a large Christmas this year as we believe the holiday is more about family and togetherness than any amount of gifts (Hasn’t stopped me from picking up some though)

For those who have purchased a copy of the “The Dark Dozen” I want to say thank you. Al Scarbourough certainly appreciates it and all of us authors do as well. For those still wishing to purchase the book, I will leave the Amazon link here: The Dark Dozen on Amazon. Currently, it is set at $4.99 for Kindle and $11.99 for paperback. Also, feel free to let me know if you like the story I wrote. I always appreciate feedback.

As for myself, I am hoping Elysium Press and I¬†can enter the editing phase of my breakout novel shortly, until then though I will be working on another story, likely also featuring Tibbold. If you don’t know who that is feel free to click the link up at the top.

Updates to the site:

None yet, though I am well aware I need a better site name that also reflects the domain name, not to mention some pictures.¬†Problem is there are a lot of “Foxs’ Dens” Foxs’ Retreats” and generally a great deal of¬†“Foxs’ who possess any kind of dwelling whatsoever.” I want to stand out, but¬†I also want to stay true to the roots¬†of certain things. I will come up with something, I’m sure, until then feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion if you feel the urge ūüôā


Allan B. Anderson

Altoine Scarborough and the Dark Dozen

As I go through and fix up this site while visiting family and prepping for the stressful holiday season now upon us, I realize I really need to get some pictures in here. That will have to come later however, as right now I would like to tell you about the effort to help save Altoine Scarborough.

Though I do not know Altoine Scarborough personally, he is a dear friend to many authors, including my publisher, Maer Wilson of Ellysian Press, and is need of serious heart surgery. Due to his astronomical co-pay of $120,000, which he cannot pay, I and eleven other authors have donated stories for the anthology The Dark Dozen, soon to be released in the hopes of raising enough money to save his life.


I have included a link below if you wish to find out more information and, perhaps, make a donation. Even if you are not in a charitable mood, The Dark Dozen contains many well written stories sure to make simply buying the book worthwhile,¬†not to mention¬†the added benefit of knowing you will have helped save a life. ūüôā

Information on Altoine Scarborough: http://maerwilson.com/how-my-chihuahua-almost-killed-al/

For direct donations: Al’s GoFundMe Link