Greetings, my name is Archimede, and I pride myself as both an independent historian, and a thorough archivist, ensuring the tales of events long past are not entirely forgotten. Giving world tours is beneath me, but Allan felt it best that I do it, since I’m the one that gathered up all the information to write The Last Chronicle of Azurden. And yes, it is my work. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. In fact, Allan tried to bring me onto the site once before, but… we had our differences do to the fact he wanted me to leave characters out. Words were said, arguments took place, and we spent the better part of a season negotiating how we were going to get ALL the characters in the chronicle, not just the ones he felt ‘made sense’.

You’re doing it again. We talked about this.

*Ahem* Right. Let us begin. Above is a map of the land of Loringlund, the location of The Last Chronicle of Azurden. Part 1. “A Deal in the Darkness.” This section will provide some brief descriptions of the areas, and provide context for conversations whose topics just couldn’t be covered in the book itself. Naturally, I will write these from the viewpoint of how Loringlund existed in that book, though I might let slip a few things depending on context. Apologies in advance for the small map. My “creator” opted for doing it himself with an online program called Inkarnate.

I didn’t see you offering.

I am not a cartographer, and neither are you.

Cartographers are expensive. I think I did pretty well.

If you say so. I suppose I’ll have to make do.

Lower Loringlund

Lorington Proper

Here we have a close up of lower Loringlund, the emerald jewel of this small manimal nation. Save for the Forest of Aves, this land was under the direct control of Conrad Lorington, and the results of his influence have not diminished despite his untimely death over eighty years ago. It remains the center of commerce, with humans welcome in both EvanHill and SandySide, and compared to the rest of Loringlund, and most of Atlia, the manimals here are viewed as quite civil.

Lorington Keep and Wipperpaw.

Lorington Keep was commissioned by Conrad himself when he and the other Atlian refugees fled to this land to escape the madness of thier fallen kingdom. It’s location means that any invader will need to fight their way through most of Loringlund to reach it, or risk a landing party along the southern coast, which can be quite treacherous. Because of it’s strong defensive position, Conrad did not turn it into a fortified bastion, preferring a more open plan that took advantage of the speed of his canine troops, and the cover of the surrounding forest. Its current resident, and ruler, is Adriana Lorington, direct descendent and daughter of Conrad Lorington. Some of the oldest manimals remember her having a brother, but if true, nothing has been heard of him since long before Conrad’s death. 

Wipperpaw is known as the village of dogs. The land was a gift from Conrad for the dogs unwavering loyalty in following him from Atlia, and thier help in building his keep. Most serve (or served) as guards and servants, but a few took it upon themselves to be pig farmers, craftsmen, and fishermen.


Perterborough is the newest settlement along the south road, founded mostly by rabbits tired of starving in Evirros. As the name implies, it is largely self governing, though Adriana does collect a tithe every year. Rumor is, it was actually a misspelling of burrow, but the rabbits deny that vehemently. Despite harassment from the aves, they are happy to be able to grow their own food, and thier joyous celebrations during the harvest, combined with thier simple lifestyle, has turned out some of the best bards and musicians in the kingdom. It is known they do not appreciate having humans around, though they will not turn one away, especially if they are selling strawberries.

SanydSide and Evanhill

SandySide is largely a fishing village, set up along one of the few accessible beaches in Southern Loringlund. They cannot compete with the human fishing fleets up north, so they mostly just fish for themselves and the surrounding area. The biggest point of interest is the watchtower located on the sandy island east of the village. Though no longer in use, it once served as an early warning system in case invaders chose to brave the sea. Today a fox gives tours of the place for a few coins of appropriate currency, or an offering of food. 

Evanhill is arguably the largest city in all of Loringlund, and it’s only port. Though merchants must either sail around Loringlund itself or brave the Python Archipelago to get there, its smaller berths are still usually full of ships, as humans believe manimals will ‘buy anything’, and Atlians are often desperate for stable trading partners. The land route also sees its fair share of caravans, making Evanhill THE place for every kind of manimal proffesion imaginable. As the saying goes, “if you can’t find it in Evanhill, you won’t find it in Loringlund.” With this increased opportunity and wealth, however, has also come an increased  hubris from Loringlund’s upper class, most of which live in manor houses built in the surrounding area. It is not known if they yet have any ambitions beyond accruing more wealth, but whispers have been heard that Evanhill would be better off breaking free of Adriana’s yoke and the Lorington family.

The Forest of Aves and the Great Tree

I wish to say little of this place. The birds are arrogant, and getting records from them was an absolute headache, which is not something I can normally feel. For the most part, the forest itself is relatively untouched, with most of the birds, calling themselves Aves, preferring to nest around a large central tree known as *sigh* The Great Tree. The Tree itself is actually quite remarkable, capable of housing an entire city in it’s boughs. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get there. The birds guard the forest jealously, and chase away any manimal that doesn’t have feathers. They were quite cross that I could fly, and were quick to list all the areas I was not to access, including the library, the palace, and the scriptorium.